To form the list (please look at Pedropánicos-at-a-glance Alumni now) we would like to receive AT THE VERY LEAST the following information :

  1. Your full name. For ladies, please specify in the following manner in order to alphabetize your entry by your maiden name, (entered in parenthesis if currently married) which is probably the name your friends remember:
    First Name (Maiden Name) Married Name; which will look like:
    Teresa Ana (Fernández) Wilson, or Hilda (Pérez López) Johnson.
  2. The last school in Cuba ,( including City if the school name does not "locate" you; such as Maristas de Camaguey or Ursulinas del Vedado.)
  3. Month and year (day if known) at each camp, scholarship or location while in the program.
  4. Nickname in camp.
  5. Present city and state of residence.
  6. Your occupation or vocation.
  7. Your birthDAY.
  8. Your e-mail so we can you inform quickly and inexpensively.
  9. A personal statement of who you are, as you see yourself. You may expand on your thoughts regarding how you were affected by the abrupt separation from your parents during your formative years and your experiences as a stranger in a strange new land.
  10. Details of any significant achievement you are proud of. [e.g., Yvonne Conde wrote the definitive Pedro Pan saga "Operation Pedro Pan"; Mel Martínez became the first Cuban elected to the US Senate.]
  11. Verify, please remember to copy the numbers and letters into the text box.

YOU MAY IF YOU WISH ALSO SEND US: (but are not necessary)
Your full address.
Phone number(s).
Your year of birth.


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